Branson Broadway Shows

Broadway Shows in Branson 


George Dyer

Broadway to Buble'

George Dyer WOWS audiences with hits from Broadway, Cinema, Power Ballads, Opera, Love Songs, Country, and Gospel, as well as contemporary favorites.

Unlike any other show you’ll find in Branson.

Discount Ticket Prices:

Adults $29 | Children $17

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Broadway The Greatest Hits

Over 25 Broadway Classics

Broadway’s Greatest Hits brings you fabulous, exciting highlights of the greatest Broadway musicals of the last 50 years.  This glamorous show takes you on a fast paced musical journey to New York City to experience nearly fifty musical arrangements from over 25  Broadway classics.

Discount Ticket Prices:

Adults $29 | Children $17


Anthems of Rock

Greatest Rock Songs in History

Queen - The Beatles - BonJovi - Led Zeppelin

Rolling Stones - Journey -Aerosmith - Elton John.  Greatest Hits of legendary performers. Discount Ticket Prices:

Adults $ | Children $


Christmas Wonderland

All your favorite Christmas Songs!

Branson's Christmas Wonderland is the longest-running Christmas spectacular. High Energy dance combined with elaborate costumes and the most gorgeous holiday sets on the strip. Highest kicking chorus girls this side of the North Pole. 

Discount Ticket Prices:

Adults $ | Children $


New Jersey Nights

Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons

This is a celebration of their music and takes the audience on a nostalgic musical journey Sherry, Bigl Girls Don't Cry, Walk Like a Man and more.  

Discount Ticket Prices:

Adults $ | Children $